TroubleTrakkerPRO Demo 4
Customizing your work report.
DEMO 4: Allow technicians to report all work performed and whether the problem has been solved.
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When a technician does work to a problem assigned to them, they use the Write a Work Report function to file an electronic report on what they did to solve the problem.
This is the simple work report form.
This is a more complex work report form.
You can also add your own custom fields to this work report. Dependant on your problem tracking needs, you can use the interface shown below to add custom fields to the work reports your technicians file. You can make these fields mandatory or optional, and also use them as a basis for searching through your records.
Here is what the work report form will look like after customization.

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Customize Work Report
Custom field added successfully.
Add custom fields to the work request form by completing the form below.

Required field Indicates required field.
Field name: Required field
Current Custom Fields Display Preview Form
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Work Invoice #:   Required field
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Additional Personnel:  
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