TroubleTrakkerPRO Demo 5
Keeping the user notified of progress.
DEMO 5: Automatically notify the person who reported the problem of each step in this process.
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In each step of the TroubleTrakkerPRO process, the person who originally reported the problem is sent an email informing them of the progress made in getting their problem solved. These progress reports contain links to email both the technician working on the problem, and the administrator of the TroubleTrakkerPRO service, in case the person reporting the problem wishes to follow up on work done to solve the problem, or inquire as to the progress (or lack thereof) in solving their problem.

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Problem Report Updated
This details the work done on the problem report you submitted. The problem report submitted on 1/24/2003 has been updated. The technician's report is shown below.
Status: Problem solved
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Information regarding problem report #1036-1-24-2003
Reported By: John Sim
Priority: High
Date: 1/24/2003
Time: 1:45 PM
Building: Research Building
Problem Type: Printer
Description of problem
Paper is jammed in printer.
Current work done on problem
Tech: Charley Truckman
Date: 2/3/2003
Start Time: 9:44 AM
End Time: 10:10 PM
I replaced the feed tray and gave the printer
another cleaning.

Please schedule this printer for periodic maintenance,
it is getting very heavy use lately.
Work History to date:
Tech: John Sim
Date: 1/28/2003
Start Time: 1:12 PM
End Time: 1:12 PM
Problem report assigned to Charley.

The paper keeps getting caught in the feed tray - I think I need a new one.
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