TroubleTrakkerPRO Demo 4
Keeping track of work history.
DEMO 4: Allow technicians to report all work performed and whether the problem has been solved.
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When a technician does work to a problem assigned to them, they use the Write a Work Report function to file an electronic report on what they did to solve the problem.
This is the simple work report form. The technician files their stop and start work times, additional costing information like any miles travelled and the percentage of completion of the work, materials used to fix the problem, the status of the problem after they work on it, and a description of what they did. The information submitted is added to the work history of the problem ticket, and the administrator is sent an email notification of the work that was done.
This is a more complex work report form.
You can also add your own custom fields to this work report.

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Request Age: 0 (in days)   Status: Solved  1036-1-24-2003 
Request Information View work orderReopen problem report
Submit Date: Friday, January 24, 2003 User Priority: Normal
Tech Priority: High Reported By: John Sim
Building: Research Building Problem Type: Printer
Asset Item: Laser Printer - K Assigned To: Charley Truckman
Problem Description:
Paper is jammed in printer.
Work History  
Work Time: 9:44AM - 10:10PM Work Status: Problem solved
Work Date: Monday, February 03, 2003 Technician: Charley Truckman
Mileage: 1.2  
Work Description:
I replaced the feed tray and gave the printer
another cleaning.

Please schedule this printer for periodic maintenance,
it is getting very heavy use lately.
Work Time: 1:12PM - 1:12PM Work Status: Problem not solved - still working
Work Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 Technician: John Sim
Mileage: 0  
Work Description:
Problem report assigned to Charley.

The paper keeps getting caught in the feed tray - I think I need a new one.

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