Complete inventory management.
AssetTrakker is an online inventory management program that can work alone, or together with TroubleTrakkerPRO and/or WorkTrakkerPRO to create a comprehensive asset tracking system.
AssetTrakker comes with these powerful features:
  • Reports - See at glance what items you have and where they are located. Sort items by building, room, category, and more.
  • Budgets - Keep track of which items were purchased under which budget. Add new budgets or modify an existing one.
  • Insurance Information - List insurance policies for each item. Add or modify an existing insurance policy.
  • Service Information - Allows you to see service or maintenance contracts for equipment. Never again ask "who should we call to fix that?"
  • Identification - Items can be defined by serial number, asset tag, or other unique identifier.
  • Searchable - Advanced searching capabilities enable you to find items quickly and easily.
  • Integrates - AssetTrakker integrates with our other services so you can see a continually updated history of each item.
  • Physical Inventory - Printable sheets for physical inventory, or input directly into AssetTrakker using a computer or laptop.
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