24 hour internet access control and analysis.
ISBossBox - Internet Filtering and Monitoring, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, and Network Management tools - all in one easy to install network appliance! The ISBossBox works 24/7 to keep your valuable intranet investment working the way you intended - towards the success of your business.
The ISBossBox allows you to easily and reliably control Internet access. It is an easy to install device with simple web-based controls that works around the clock to secure your entire network.
Government agencies may request a free 30-day on-site demo of our ISBossBox appliance. To request this free 30-day on-site demo, please send a fax with your request on government letterhead to 732-359-1522. Then please fill out this form.
For all other businesses, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We will ship you an ISBossBox appliance once payment in full has been received. Please click on our Rate Calculator to generate a price quote or give us a call Toll-Free at 1-877-225-0100. Then please fill out this form.
iPads, iPods, iPhones, Android devices and others do not support proxies (like Android devices) or support them badly (iPads only partially support proxy servers). This means that while http requests can be transparently proxied and filtered, https requests CANNOT be transparently filtered with a proxy server. Transparent Filtering for ISBossBox addresses this problem by transparently filtering https (and http) requests as well as other port requests without proxy server settings being needed on the device. It dynamically opens and closes firewall ports to achieve that and will handle different levels of filtering for different device users so for instance teacher iPads can be filtered differently than student iPads.
The Load Balancer add-on feature adds a 2nd Internet connection to ISBossBox, and splits the outgoing Internet traffic evenly between the two connections. Current ISBossBox customers will have another network card sent to them to install in the appliance. New customers purchasing this will have the additional network card installed by us before it ships. Both Internet connections must have static IP addresses.
The Home-to-Business VPN optional service enables your ISBossBox appliance to become a "VPN Server", so that remote users can gain access to the business network. Put simply, once the client at home connects, they get an IP address on the business's network, and they can do whatever they'd like with that connection. Our VPN works easily with all home routers since it does not require any special settings in the routers like many IPSec or PPTP based VPNs do. The VPN requires a piece of software running on the home machine to make the connection, which you can download directly from your ISBossBox appliance. Currently the client supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, & Apple OSX.
With the ISBossBox, you get:
  • Easy Installation - The device becomes the connection between your network and the internet, filtering and monitoring all internet traffic. Plug it in and provide a power source, and we take care of the rest.
  • Web Site Filtering - Block web sites based on addresses or allow access to a pre-approved list of sites. You can use a blacklist of sites which is updated automatically each night, or create your own list.
  • Page Content Filtering - This filter monitors HTTP and FTP access to the Internet, and has the ability to block access based on keywords, file types, or content rating systems such as RSAC or PICS.
  • Protocol Blocking - Control what Internet services can be used on your network. For example, you can allow streaming video or audio services, while blocking bandwidth-hogging file sharing programs such as Napster.
  • Proxying and Caching - The proxy and caching feature accelerates access to the Internet from anywhere in your network.
  • Advanced Network Security - A powerful firewall protects your entire network against computer viruses and malicious hackers from both outside and inside your network. It also warns you when hackers attempt to attack your network, and keeps track of what they try to do.
  • Advanced Network Management - This total monitoring and analysis tool dynamically generates graphs and charts that can be used to measure the performance of every device on your network. You can detect bottlenecks, keep track of machines that go down or re-boot, and make informed decisions about your network. You can even have e-mail or pager alerts sent immediately to your technicians when things go wrong!
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