What our clients are saying about our services.
ISBoss services were originally developed by Networks & More! as services for schools.
Here's what a few of our clients have to say about them:
"It has been working great. Our monitoring software catches porn spam in emails, and when our kids were using Hotmail and Yahoo mail I would have at least several dozen hits a day. Schoolbits has completely eliminated the problem. The ability to monitor questionable emails is a great feature. It did not take long for the students to figure out what was appropriate and what was not to put in an email."
Glenn Schaffner
Platte County School District #1, WY
"TroubleTrakker has changed my life! After 10 years of hastily scribbled messages on random bits of paper and garbled voice mail, I finally am able to control my computer problems. Every day I can see what my techs get done!"
Gail Hicks
West Deptford School District
" I usually have a lot of questions, just not always a lot of answers. I have to say that in the "Customer Service" category, I give you an A++!! I look forward to working with you. "
Susanne Lehman
Northwestern School District, PA
"I can't say enough about how TroubleTrakker has made my life easier. As technology coordinator I am now able to keep accurate records of all problems and customize the report form for our district. Every school should take advantage of this great service. I will tell everyone in our area about it. Thanks again!"
Ken Cisneros
Cohasset Public Schools
"TroubleTrakker saved the district. Big district with 1,500 computers, 6 LANs plus fiber Tech coord and staff of 4. Automatic notification, keep records current, track age of report, average response time, share reports with admin."
Dr Steven Lutz Ph D
Anchor Bay School District MI
"We have been extremely pleased with both TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. Before using these Web based applications, we were using paper forms for all of our work orders and request. These forms were getting lost, being delayed because of the routing process, lacking follow up, not providing real information on how many or how long a work order took and identifying what types of work orders where being generated. ALL of these issues have been resolved since implementing both TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. I like the having the application Web based because it gives access to all of our teachers and administrators. I have put a direct link to your site on our school corporation's home page to make it easier for all of our staff to access. When we first implemented the process and told everyone that all work orders had to be done via TroubleTrakker or WorkTrakker, we heard from staff that they did not want to change. Now that we have been using the applications for over a year, I can now say that all of our users would not want to go back to the "old way". They like the ability to monitor the progress and get feed back when the work order is completed. My technicians like the applications because it helps them set daily priorities. As a manager, I now am able to get a better handle on the requested work orders. I can also generate reports and provide specific data that helping us as we implement the Baldrige quality program at Tri-Creek School Corporation. I like the new enhancements that you are implementing with Pro for both TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. Keep up the good work. "
Robert Hopper, Director of Technology
Tri-Creek School Corporation
"I tell people that only way I guarantee to remember what they want is if they file a TT report. With TT now every trouble report is documented automatically."
Joe Witham
Palmer Independent School District TX "I was pleasantly surprised while testing your program/service."
Bob Nelson, District Manager
Technology Services Department
Monroe Public Schools, Monroe, MI
"Thanks, looking forward to using this tool. I have a part-time tech, and this is the perfect answer regarding notifications of what I need accomplished, and follow-up back to me on status."
David W. Schade,
Director of Information Systems
Painesville City Local School District, Ohio
"AWESOME SYSTEM!!!!! This is so much more organized and efficient!"
Hope Everson 
"Please pass on to everyone at K12USA our overall thanks for their hard work. This is a great service for school districts."
Sheryl Wise
Franklin Local Schools, OH
"I made the call and received "perfect" instructions."
George Thompson,
Technology Coordinator
Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School
Franklin, MA
"I absolutely love your program. I made up my own web form to do what you are doing and your forms smoke mine. Great Program."
Robert Donaldson 
"We are using Trouble Tracker everyday and just love it. Thanks."
Larry Koby
New Castle Community Schools, IN
"We really love your program..."
Ricky Isbell 
"It's changed the way I do business; lets me keep records on web."
Chris Pell
Upper Perkiomen School District, PA
"I really love this web site!!!!"
Bradley Terrell
Galaxy City School District, VA
"Site is excellent."
Jane Johnson 
"Service is great!"
SAD 49, ME
"This TroubleTrakker program is exactly what my school's been looking for as a service of this type. It's going to help us out a ton."
L. Gordon Curtis
A+ Certified Computer Service Technician
"You and your people are great to work with. Thank you for all your assistance with TroubleTrakker and WorkTrakker. (I personally love both!)"
Paula J. Sajec
Aberdeen School District No. 5 , WA
"I have to say that it has been a pleasure doing business with your company. "
Buck LaVallee-Davidson
Miane Central Institute, ME