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DEMO 1: Report a maintenance problem, identifying the item, its location, and a brief description of the problem.
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The problem is now entered into the service, and is ready to be assigned and worked on.
This email is sent to the person who reported the problem as a receipt.
This screen shows you how the problem appears in the service.
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Heavy Widget Manufacturing Concern
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Your new problem report has been submitted as seen below. You will be notified as soon as your problem has been assigned to a technician. If you have not heard anything within a few days then please contact one of the adminstrators below:
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Information regarding problem report #1036-1-24-2003
Reported By: John Sim
Priority: Normal
Date: 1/24/2003
Time: 1:45 PM
Building: Research Building
Problem Type: Lighting
Description of problem
Bulb burned out.
Need replacements for three overhead lights.
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