TroubleTrakkerPRO Demo 6
Viewing, sorting, and making sense of your historical records.
DEMO 6: Create a historical record of technology problems, and instantly produce detailed reports of the status of all reported problems.
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As your staff uses TroubleTrakkerPRO, over time you will accumulate a comprehensive record of all the technology problems that occur in your organization, and the steps that are taken to solve them. This will add up to a large repository of useful information. TroubleTrakkerPRO has powerful tools to help you make sense of this information.
The simplest tools to use are the pre-configured sorting methods available on the TroubleTrakkerPRO menu. You can use these to generate instant reports of problems that are solved, unsolved, or newly reported. You can also view all the problem reports sorted by building, the technician who worked on them, the asset item associated with the problem, or the problem's status. You can search for individual tickets by their ID number, or use the custom report tool to perform complex searches on the reports themselves to locate exactly the information you need.

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View Other Reports

Search by Ticket Number
Find problem report by using the report ticket number.

View Reports by Status
Lets you see at a glance which reports are solved/outstanding.

View Reports by Item
Lets you sort reports by the asset item the report is for.

View Reports by Technician
Lets you sort reports by the technician who is assigned to them.

View Reports by Building
Lets you sort reports by the building the report comes from.

Custom Report
Generate your own custom reports

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