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Stationery templates for email customization
WebMailPro Stationery - Simple Methods
You can use the stationery already available in Outlook or Outlook Express. These programs come with a collection of stationery, and also provide simple tools for you to create stationery from scratch.
Setting up your Outlook Express to send a message to your WebMailPRO account:
  1. Start up the Outlook Express program (note: If you do not see OutLook Express in your program menu, you can access Outlook Express from your Internet Explorer browser. To do this, open up a browser window and go to Tools > Mail and News > Read News.)
  2. Select Tools from the menu, then Accounts
  3. Click on the Add button, and select Mail
  4. In the Display Name field type in any name (i.e. your first name)
  5. Click the Next > button
  6. In the E-mail address field type in your WebMailPRO E-mail address
  7. Click the Next > button
  8. In the Incoming mail (POP3) field type isboss (note: this will not enable POP3 mail for your account, however, OutLook Express requires text in this field in order to continue)
  9. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server field type in smtp.k12us.com
  10. Click the Next > button
  11. In the Account name field, type in any name
  12. Leave the Password field blank
  13. Click the Next > button
  14. Click the Finish button
  15. You should now be able to send E-mail to your WebMailPRO account
To Choose Default Outlook Express Stationery:
  1. Select Tools from the menu, then Options
  2. Click on the Compose tab
  3. In the Stationery section, check the Mail: box
  4. Click on the Select button
  5. Select from one of the pre-formatted stationery templates
  6. Click the OK button
  7. Click the OK button
To Send Outlook Express stationery to your WebMailPRO Account:
  1. Click on the Create Mail button
  2. Put your WebMailPRO address in the To: field
  3. Type in any text that you may want to include in your stationery template (note: you can save stationery with or without text contained in the message)
  4. Click on the Send button
  5. Check your WebMailPRO Inbox!
You can also make stationery from just about any HTML page by E-mailing the page to your WebMailPRO account.
To E-mail an HTML page to your WebMailPRO account:
  1. Open up the page you want to use in Internet Explorer on a PC
  2. Use the File > Send > Page by E-mail link on the menu.
  3. Use Outlook Express to send the HTML page to your WebMailPRO account.

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