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WirelessTrakker – Ubiquiti Controller and Wireless Support Appliance

Ubiquiti’s controller software and enterprise-grade access points are excellent products at amazing prices. No wonder they’re a popular choice among K-12 IT professionals. (Note: If you use non-Ubiquiti APs, click here.)

But if you’re looking for more than a “one-size-fits-all” system, Ubiquiti falls short. It lacks many of the features needed to be a complete multi-SSID solution—which is increasingly important in today’s complex BYOD environment.

WirelessTrakker changes all that.

When Ubiquiti controller software is hosted on WirelessTrakker and paired with Ubiquiti’s new UniFi AP ACs (must be purchased separately) you’ve got everything you need to deploy a powerful and incredibly versatile wireless-support system.*

Features include:

  • Inter-VLAN routing
  • VLAN firewalls*
  • DHCP for each VLAN
  • Multicast DNS (Bonjour)
  • RADIUS for enterprise authentication
Benefits of a WirelessTrakker + Ubiquiti Solution

Ubiquiti UniFi access points offer outstanding range at disruptive pricing. Their new AP AC line, released November 2015, starts at around $100 and delivers 5X the performance of the first-generation UniFi APs.

Our recommendations, based on price and performance:

UniFi AP AC Lite

  • Sleek, compact 802.11ac with dual-radio 2x2 MIMO technology
  • Use for deployment of high-performance wireless networks


  • The latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac with dual-radio 3x3 MIMO technology
  • Use to deploy maximum-performance wireless networks

Note: The new Ubiquiti UniFi APs are not yet widely available. We’ll have them for purchase soon. Check our rate calculator for updates. FYI, AP five-packs do not include PoE injectors.

Intuitive web-based controls and a sleek interface – For online management from anywhere you have Internet access

Up to four wireless networks (SSIDs) – Assign different levels of access to staff, students, guests, and others.

Unlimited access points per controller – Start with one, expand to thousands; wireless networks can be as small or as large as you need

User security your way – Supports 802.11ac encryption standards like WEP, WPA/WPA2 (pre-shared key [PSK]), or WPA/WPA2 enterprise

Enterprise user validation – Allows for authentication using integrated RADIUS server against LDAP, active directory, internal authorization, or SecureSchool (or other Internet filter) database

Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality—or for non-PoE switches, PoE injector—for use with our wireless-controller system; this technology sends electrical power through Ethernet cables instead of electrical wires, eliminating the need for power outlets and cords at the site of the access point

Ease and flexibility – Need two access points in close proximity? Every UniFi AP comes with two network jacks, so you can connect the pair (while powering them with just one PoE injector)

Detailed reports that help you manage traffic, bandwidth, and access points – View info such as number of clients connected at a given time and on which SSID, user IP addresses, types of devices, amount of traffic pushing through, signal strength, AP locations and activity, and more

Automatic configuration backup and updates

A little DIY, a lot of savings – We preconfigure your appliance with your network specs before shipping it; installation is so easy, you can do it yourself

Free service upgrades, free unlimited tech support, and free controller upgrades, maintenance, and replacements

Free 30-day trial! Just fill out this quickie form, and we’ll set you up (you need at least one UniFi AP to get started)

Why Ubiquiti?

What’s so special about Ubiquiti? (Don’t know Ubiquiti? They’re a “diamond in the rough” tech company that offers innovative, high-quality products at crazy-low prices.)

We love their software.

It’s intuitive, easy to learn, and a snap to configure. But it has its limitations—so we incorporated all the features everyone loves and added our own bells and whistles to make the system even better.

Compare the WirelessTrakker controller to the Ubiquiti UniFi controller in this brief article in our Knowledge Base.

We love their hardware.

Ubiquiti’s access points are unobtrusive devices with a sleek, industrial design that mount easily on the wall or ceiling and blend seamlessly with the environment.

Plus, they’re sturdily constructed and provide excellent coverage. And with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, you don’t need to position your APs near electrical outlets, install extra outlets, or fuss with power cords.

We love their prices.

You could easily dump tens of thousands of dollars into your Wi-Fi network-management solution. Slap recurring license fees on top of that, along with paid tech-support plans and equipment-upgrade costs, and you’ve got yourself a money pit.

With Ubiquiti and WirelessTrakker, you get outstanding products for less—ridiculously less—than what the industry “heavyweights” charge.

Think a product this inexpensive couldn’t possibly be top drawer? Just check out our client’s praises. We pass all the savings we don’t spend on excessive advertising on to you—giving you a cushy little surplus to invest in other stuff your school needs.

Service & Warranties

WirelessTrakker Appliance

  • We’ll ship out your preconfigured device for easy installation in your server room or wiring closet
  • We warranty, maintain, upgrade, and replace (if necessary) K12USA equipment—all at our expense (does not include access points)
  • You get free regular software updates for the controller and access points
  • When your subscription ends, just return the appliance to us (we pay the shipping)

Access Points

  • You must have or buy Ubiquiti UniFi access points
  • The access points are yours; if you buy the APs from K12USA, we guarantee them for 30 days against DOA (dead on arrival); APs also carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Need help deciding which UniFi AP model best suits your needs? Email us now or call 877-225-0100
I am amazed at how simple the setup of WirelessTrakker has been. We were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t need more than 16 access points to serve our single-building K-8 district, but the coverage has been outstanding. The integration with active directory through our SecureSchool box makes management a breeze. The tech support is exceptional and easily accessible, as it is located in the U.S. We finally have a stable wireless network that is safe, reliable, and robust.

Jay Christgau, Director of Technology, Minocqua J1 School District, Minocqua, WI



As a near 30-year veteran of the IT workplace, I know how hard it is to install a robust, enterprise-class, Wireless Local Area Network. With all of the technical pitfalls, setting up a multi-access-point wireless LAN segment is difficult. From the moment I unpacked the WirelessTrakker controller and access points, I knew this setup would be one of the easiest I had ever done. Once I had the controller installed in my LAN, a simple phone call to K12USA was all I needed to activate everything. The technical team even helped configure my pre-existing switches to work seamlessly with the new system. The access points were a snap to set up, and in almost no time, I had my entire b/g/n multi-access-point wireless LAN up and running—across our entire campus. It doesn’t matter what our students or faculty are running—PC, Mac, iPad, Droid, iPhone, etc.—it all works flawlessly.
Yossie Frankel, Shalhevet School


Choosing the Right Access Point

Looking for speed? Range? Indoor or outdoor? Whatever your priorities, there’s a perfect access point (or hundreds) for you. Click here for a quick summary of the UniFi models you can pair with WirelessTrakker. To learn even more, check out Ubiquiti’s UniFi brochure. Then get the APs you need through K12USA, Amazon, or other vendor of your choice.

Points to Consider When Selecting AP Model(s) and Quantity:

Location: Will this AP provide wireless access to inside or outside users? Or both?

Number of stations: If you’re anticipating heavy wireless-network activity—for example, in a 1:1 environment where every student has a Wi-Fi device—you may need more APs to support your bandwidth needs. In high-density areas, we recommend using 5 GHz APs—with nine non-overlapping channels—versus 2.4 GHz, which has only three.

Range/coverage area: Fluctuates depending on variables like number of computers and school-construction materials: If the school is built with poured concrete walls and rebar or wire mesh, the signal range will be less. With 5GHz access points, radio waves are easily blocked and the range is typically half (or less) that of the 2.4GHz models.

Device support: While most newer devices are compatible with the faster 5GHz connection, some are still catching up and/or supported only by 2.4GHz. Check with the manufacturer.

Some popular devices that support the 5GHz band:

  • Acer Chromebook
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD (all sizes)
  • Apple iPad (all versions)
  • Apple iPhone (5 and newer)
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Asus Zenbook
  • Google Chromebook Pixel
  • Google Nexus (4 and later)
  • HP Pavilion Chromebook
  • Samsung Chromebook


WirelessTrakker is easy to set up and deploy on your own, but we’re here to help if you have questions (877-225-0100 or

  • The only network requirement is that the switches between your WirelessTrakker controller and access points support VLANs and VLAN tagging (known as 802.1Q)
    • Most managed switches support and place the ports in the correct VLANs
  • We can help with this process and have instructions for many different vendors and switches
  • If you want to authenticate your wireless users with active directory, you must have a Microsoft Windows Domain Controller running Windows 2000 or newer
Integration With SecureSchool Internet Filter

If you have SecureSchool—or are in the market for this excellent content filter/firewall/cache server—you can skip the WirelessTrakker appliance altogether and opt for WirelessTrakker Universal Wireless Support add-on. It has all the functionality of the device but is conveniently integrated into the SecureSchool system. You get the capabilities of both tools at a lower price.

*These features are E-Rate eligible. We believe our statements about E-Rate eligibility are accurate based on our reading of the new FCC guidelines. Actual eligibility is not guaranteed and will be determined by the SLC/FCC after applications are submitted. ©1999-2024  Networks & More! Inc.
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