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ISBossBox - Page Content Filtering
Page Content Filtering - This filter monitors HTTP and FTP access to the Internet, and has the ability to block access based on keywords, file types, or content rating systems such as RSAC or PICS.
These screens from the web interface to ISBossBox demonstrate the different ways you can filter page content.
This screen shows part of the weighted phrase filtering controls. The service comes with a pre-configured library of words and phrases that are given various weights, or numerical scores. Using this system of evaluating the content of a website gives you more accurate control over whether a page should be blocked or not, avoiding many of the problems other word-based site filtering tools create by merely filtering certain words.
This screen shows you the Blocked File Extensions controls, which lets you block the downloading of files with extensions that might be harmful to your network and computers.
ISBossBox - Content Filtering, Blocking and Network Management
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