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SchoolBits Advantages over Traditional E-mail

SchoolBits is a web-based email service designed to meet the needs of school administrators and staff who want to provide e-mail to students and retain control of its content. It has many advantages over other on-line and traditional E-mail systems.

Other types of E-mail SchoolBits

With other online services, you can not block what students are sending. Pornography, a threat to the President or another student? Yikes! It's a school's worst nightmare. Yet schools are under tremendous pressure to use technology in the classrooms.
With a traditional email service for a school, you can block for content but school technicians have to maintain the e-mail software, computers, accounts and security.

SchoolBits brings together the best of both worlds. The blocking capabilities of a traditional e-mail system and the ease of an on-line service.
SchoolBits can be accessed on computer with an internet connection. Simple & easy, with nothing to maintain.
Students can access SchoolBits with an encrypted password, and can read, organize and delete their mail with a simple web interface.

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